Supporting Hope House Hospice

Fieldbounce are extremely proud to be working closely with Hope House charity. We hope to generate a vast donation through festival ticket sales and a Guiness World Record attempt which will take place during the festival on May 5th 2018. For those you who don’t know, the World Record attempt aims to gather the most amount of people dressed at zebras in a public place. Fieldbounce will make a donation to Hope House for each festival-goer who participates. All contributions will help fund the amazing care and services that Hope House provide to families who are in need.

Filedbounce attended an open morning at Hope House Hospice on the 8th of March to gain an insight in to the charity and understand exactly how we can help. The open morning was hosted by; Andy Goldsmith CEO of Hope House along with Simi Epstein Director of Fundraising. Presentations were also given by those in charge of the care facilities at the hospice. The presentations were very emotional, especially hearing about ‘Arthur’s Story’. Arthur Mullins tragically died at the age of 2 years old. We watched a video where Arthur’s mum and dad explained what an awful event they went through. Hope House were able to support his family through such a devastating time. To read more on Arthur’s story visit Hope House help hundreds of families like Arthur’s every year.

A tour of the hospice was provided where the Fieldbounce team were able to see all of the amazing facilities that make such a difference to the children and their family members. From their outdoor play areas, to the cinema room or even the beautiful landscape surrounding the hospice, it really is a lovely place. Although, it is not just the facilities that make Hope House a truly special charity, it is the level of care they provide to children, their parents, siblings and grandparents.

The open morning was really inspirational as we met many other individuals who are also fundraising for the charity. We met a gentleman who is training to swim the channel this year, marathon runners as well as family members of those who receive support from Hope House.

The Hope House team advised that currently they are only able to help 1 in 3 families due to a lack of funding. They said that only 2% of the catchment area are currently donating.

By purchasing a Fieldbounce Ticket you will be making a contribution. To purchase a ticket visit Hope House also have a lottery you can sign up to for just £1 a week. For more information on the lottery, please visit Together we can help Hope House reach more than just 1 in 3 families.


From Left to Right, Graeme Kirkham, Andy Goldsmith Hope House CEO, Vuyo Madikazela, Lucy Williams, Ryan Mondiwa, Karen Wright Director of Care at Hope House, Jack Wright, Tawanda Melusi Director of Fieldbounce Music Festival.

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