Fieldbounce Easter Fun

Fieldbounce Easter Hunt

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Fieldbounce Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for something fun do to over the Easter holidays? Fieldbounce have organised a truly amazing easter hunt which will be great fun for all the family. The competition will run from the 26th of March to the 2nd of April.

This Easter Hunt is different to any other. Fieldbounce have hidden 15 eggs in various locations near you. The aim is to be the first to find one of the eggs. There can only be one winner per location. The eggs will be hidden in public places, parks and points of interest. There will also be some hidden within some local businesses. Clues will be posted via social media hinting at their whereabouts, make sure you follow Fieldbounce on all platforms for the best chance to win. So, if your taking a stroll on Easter Sunday and see an egg, do not be surprised. Open it up and see if you have won!

Once found, the eggs will be kept by the winners. The egg will open up to reveal a set of instructions on how to to claim your prize with of course some chocolate treats! As we all know, it’s not Easter if there is no chocolate!

So keep your eyes open, you might be one of the lucky ones to win a ticket to Fieldbounce Music Festival 2018!

For more information on the Easter hunt, please email us at To purchase tickets to the festival visit

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